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Services List – WHAT WE DO

New Waves creates Winning Digital Strategy for Businesses

Our focus is on using Organic, Paid, Social Media, Email and Analytics to Research, Strategize, Execute, Analyze and Optimize.

We are experts at using digital channels to find out what you need to know about your customers and prospects.
We are also experts at using digital properties such as websites, apps, social platforms and emails to provide messaging that drives engagement, converts new business and gives you insight into what can be optimized.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Yes, we can get you ranking higher in the search engines.
Yes, we can also figure out what you should come up for in the search engines.
Yes, we can get people to click on your link in search engine results.

PPC – Pay Per Click Management

Yes, we can get you the best Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion and Click Through Rates
Yes, we can get more people to convert (buy, contact, download, etc.)
Yes, we can strengthen your brand with Display (Viewability!)

Social Media Marketing

Yes, we can drive more likes and followers
Yes, we can strengthen your brand through communities (storytelling, compelling content, consistency)
Yes, we can target prospects & demographics accurately to drive more engagement and revenue

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

Yes, we can increase deliverability, open rates and click through rates
Yes, we can get more people to convert (buy, contact, download, etc.)
Yes, we can strengthen your brand (case studies, brand voice, creative assets, etc.)


This is our Favorite!
Yes, we can tell you:

  • What is working
  • What isn’t working
  • Why it Is or Is Not working
  • And How to make it Better

We are experts at online behavioral analysis
We measure channel performance in isolation and cross-channel, then give recommendations on how to make them work better for you.

More Leads, More Deals, More Sales, More Revenue!

We have extensive experience in many industries including the financial industry working with Private Equity, Banks, Insurance Companies, Advisors, Healthcare, B2B, Manufacturing, B2C, Retail, Education, Non-Profit and More.

Our work makes You More Money.