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Content Marketing & Strategies

Content Marketing was the marketing buzzword of 2018. Big businesses with massive marketing budgets are starting to harness its full potential but it’s often overlooked in small business. When done right, you can promote your business offerings in a way that provides useful information to your prospects rather than directly attempting to sell to them.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of content and useful information that you can use to acquire new customers and prospects. This is done by offering them information they’ll find useful in solving their problems. People aren’t searching for advertisements (some do the exact opposite with AdBlockers) but they’re searching for ways to solve a problem or fill a need. When your content is created with high enough quality, your company comes first to mind when they want to engage somebody to help solve their problem. Creating high quality content takes a lot time and effort but is a proven way to start creating your sales pipeline.

Why is content marketing so important now?

Today we are faced with more an more advertisements. They’re everywhere. Content marketing attempts to mitigate this buy offering your content without needing to advertise directly. When the information is found through searching, we’re much more likely to consider a product rather than one that was forced down our throat. Quite simply, content marketing is advertising to your prospects without them knowing. Its not a trick, its just clever marketing.

How can we help with your content marketing needs?

When discussing what your business offers we’ll come up with a number of pieces of valuable content that your customers and prospects might like. Whether its a fact sheet that answers questions on a topic, a white paper or even a standalone website on a topic. Creating content is only half the battle, the other half is getting the message out there. We’ll share your content through a number of ways to get your content in front of the right people.

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