10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Don’t Convert Into Your Customers

10 reasons why your instagram followers dont convert into your customers | 10 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Don’t Convert Into Your Customers | New Waves Mobile App Development, Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing Qatar

Of course, bad content can be the reason and bad products/services, but many other reasons make your followers pass on you.

1. You bought fake followers
You bought fake followers and somehow forgot about it. You can’t expect 1000 followers you bought for $1 to buy your products/services. If you do, it’s about time to purchase the services of a good therapist.

2. Your followers are not your target audience.
Yes, they are real but don’t match your target audience. That’s what happened to the blogger @arii. She had over 2.6M followers when she launched her fashion brand. She managed to sell 35 t-shirts and had to close her business. Another example: You sell fitness courses for housewives, post your hot photos in bikinis (as proof that the course works), collect a lot of males from overseas among your followers, and expect them to buy your courses? Pff…

3. You don’t sell enough.
You use Instagram to post a lot of funny videos/memes, photos of your cat Purr Purr, repost ahaha videos from @9gag and share your mom’s cookie recipes. In-between these 100 random posts, you make 2–3 posts with photos of your product/service. So it’s NOT OBVIOUS to your followers that you are actually selling something.

4. You don’t work with their fears and “buts”.
Don’t have money to get your product? Write about the financing plans. Afraid they won’t like it? Talk about the return policy. X2 more expensive than your competitor? Explain why they should choose you. You are a surgeon, and they are afraid of general anesthesia? Explain to them that general anesthesia doesn’t steal their years of life and doesn’t transmit these years to the anesthesiologist.

5. They don’t know they need your product.
Yet. Your target is to make them feel that need by explaining how it can improve their miserable lives.

6. You don’t create an effect of urgency.
Remember the “Sell me this pen!” moment from “The Wolf Of Wall Street”? No? Then watch it again!!


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